Daniel Caton is one of the most thoughtful, creative, and hard-working young composers in the independent film scene. Whether he is providing a subtle underscore or shining through with his own musical voice, he has an awareness of how to convey emotion and to move a story forward with his thoughtful melodies and rich harmonic language.

Dr. David K. Schmal, D.M.A.
Coordinator of Film Scoring; Professor of Commercial Music
Liberty University School of Music

Daniel is a professional composer for films, games, and television. His music can be found in a variety of films, trailers, and even video games, including Ubisoft’s upcoming Beyond Good and Evil 2. He greatly enjoys writing, arranging, and orchestrating exciting and impactful new music for projects of all styles and genres. Also an avid instrumentalist, Daniel plays a wide assortment of instruments including piano, guitar, banjo, and accordion, and carefully leverages this experience in order to compose appropriate pieces for even the most diverse projects.

To create a distinctive sound for each new project, Daniel draws his inspiration from many different sources. From the sweeping melodies and rich harmonies of classic Hollywood films to the cutting-edge complexity of modern electronica, he enjoys working with traditions and styles both old and new, combining them in unique ways in order to develop an innovative new sound.

“Daniel is a very passionate film composer ready for any challenge in this constantly evolving industry as well as a wonderful person to be around. He will be an asset to any film production.”

— Prof. Chris Piorkowski
Associate Professor of Film Scoring
Liberty University School of Music

To hear a selection of Daniel’s music, please click here or visit his YouTube channel. If you are interested in having Daniel write customized music for one of your media projects, please contact him using this form.